We are asking people from across the world to share a message of love, hope and togetherness.
For every message that is created, grin will donate one eco-friendly toothbrush to a child in need so
that these messages provide a tangible benefit to those that need it most.
For every purchase you make via grinnatural.com we
donate one kid's brush on your behalf.

How Many Toothbrushes
We Have Given

Good For Every One
Good For You
Feel good knowing your mouths being treated with the very best ingredients, and none of the bad.
Good For Our Environment
Sustainably sourced ingredients and biodegradable packaging that are kind on our planet.
Good For Others
Your purchase matters. Every Grin sold helps to put a grin on child who needs it most.
Will My Donation Make A Difference?
Every time you buy a brush, you are donating a kid’s brush.
Fun resources to help teach and inspire kids on keeping their teeth in great shape.
Our brushes are being distributed to communities, NZ is our first destination.
All of our donations will be distributed via the Unicef to kiwi kids in needed.
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