Meet Alpers Dental, Our Dental Ambassadors

Alpers Dental is one of New Zeland's most trusted Dental Clinics. More than sharing similar values and principles, Alper's are all about helping you to improve your oral hygiene. That's why we are very proud to be recommended by
Alpers Dental, and to have them as our leading Dental Ambassadors. 


Discover why Grin Natural is Alpers Dental's choice.

To help you understand why Oral Health is so important for not only your chompers, but your whole body, we asked the oral specialists at Alper’s to share some insight on some commonly asked questions and what it is that sets Grin apart from traditional oral care solutions:


Questions & Answers:

What are the leading causes of tooth decay?

There are 2 main leading causes of tooth decay. The first part is a diet that is high in sugary sticky foods and drinks. These combined with the bacteria in the mouth produce acids which damage the enamel of the teeth.  The second part is poor oral care at home. Good at home oral care includes brushing with a good toothpaste, flossing in-between the teeth and using a mouth wash catered to your needs. 

You are strong believers of prevention over cure - what are three key ways people can take good care of their teeth at home?

Oral care at home is so important.  Ideally, you want to clean your teeth after every meal, however, if you can manage at least twice a day that is a great start.  Ensure that you use a good quality toothpaste that has all the right ingredients in it to prevent tooth decay, but with none of the nasties!  Use dental floss every time you brush your teeth.  Ensure that you use the dental floss in a ‘C’ shape around each side of the tooth.  Use a mouth wash that is catered to your needs – this may involve talking to a dental professional that can assist you in selecting the right product. 

We’re proud to have Alpers Dental stocking and offering Grin natural products. Why was this important for your team?

The Grin Natural products fit well with our holistic views of dentistry.  We see many patients that do not want their families ingesting chemicals and the Grin products allow us to offer them an alternative that is all natural and scientifically proven to help decrease oral bacteria.

What chemicals are found in traditional toothpaste that can be damaging to our health

A lot of traditional kinds of toothpaste contain chemicals such as parabens, artificial sweeteners and flavours, Triclosan and SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate).  Although you only use a tiny dollop of toothpaste every time – it can soon add up over a lifetime! These chemicals have the ability to enter your bloodstream by being ingested and absorbed through your mouth and gums.

What active ingredients are found in Grin Kids toothpaste that combats dental disease and ensures my child is getting what they need for healthy teeth and gums?

Grin’s all-natural Kids toothpaste contains ingredients such as organic calendula oil, organic sea salt and organic aloe vera which all work to inhibit bacteria growth and helps to soothe the gums.

Why is choosing a ‘safe’ toothpaste so important for small children? Particularly when they don’t have the ability to spit toothpaste yet?

As we get older we learn to spit all the toothpaste out after we have scrubbed our teeth.  However small children do not know how to do this; therefore, it is important to choose a toothpaste that contains no nasty chemicals or harmful ingredients that can be absorbed into their bodies. 

What food and beverage items should I be minimising in my child’s diet to ensure those items are not impacting their oral health?

Stay away from sugars and artificial sweeteners, gummy lollies which leave a sticky residue on the teeth, acidic food and beverages, energy drinks, protein bars and alcohol.

Why would you recommend Grin Natural toothpaste?

We recommend Grin Natural toothpaste because they contain natural ingredients that help to fight tooth decay without the nasty chemicals.


There are many reasons to choose Grin.
   Here's Alpers with a few other ones...   

"We recommend Grin Biodegradable Toothbrush because the bristles are soft & infused with activated charcoal, which really keeps the bacteria of the brush for longer..." 


"What we like about the Grin Adult Toothpaste? It's great to improve Oral Health naturally. The 3 active ingredients are fantastic for the prevention of gum disease..."


"We love the Grin Strengthening Toothpaste predominantly because of its 3 main active natural ingredients..."