Tooth Decay is the Number 1 Disease for 50% of Australian Children Aged Under Six!

That number is STAGGERING!
Could your child be a part of this statistic?
Don’t worry, we have just the solution.

Grin is on a major mission to help reduce this number, as untreated decay in children’s teeth can have implications that reach far into adulthood.
The solution: FLOSSING.

Flossing is cheaper than restorative dental care (oh yes!) and is extremely important in removing cavity causing plaque from between yours and your child’s teeth.

To help fight tooth decay at your place, and avoid sky high dental care costs, from June 16 - 30, purchase any Grin Kids product (as shown below) from Coles supermarkets, and Grin will send you an Adult Flossers Pack for FREE - simply complete the form below and upload your proof of purchase.

Grin Natural is the only kid’s flosser available in Coles supermarkets!