Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What makes Grin different from other natural toothpastes on the market?
    Our toothpaste has a couple points of difference; it’s 100% New Zealand made and we source New Zealand ingredients where possible, all Grin toothpastes contain three key active ingredients to care for your whole mouth and Grin is the only natural toothpaste that you can find in dental clinics nationwide.
  • Why is Grin toothpaste better than other natural toothpastes available?
    Our formulation is natural and works to improve your oral hygiene – without all the nasty chemicals mainstream toothpaste brands rely on.
    We are the only oral care brand that specializes in developing effective natural toothpastes and are the only natural toothpaste that’s recommended by dentists.
    What sets Grin apart is the combination of three key active ingredients in each of our toothpastes, these work together to fight off plaque and key bacteria responsible for tooth decay. All our 100% natural toothpastes are safe to swallow.
  • Does Grin toothpaste protect teeth from cavities?
    Cavities (or tooth decay) are caused by oral bacteria, which feed off sugars and convert them into acid plaque. This plaque then softens and erodes the enamel and dentin of your teeth, leading to nasty cavities. The physical act of brushing only removes around 50% of plaque from the tooth’s surface—leaving behind a plaque layer that continues to harbour bacteria. This is why it’s important that your toothpaste provides additional anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties that will combat a greater percentage of plaque-causing bacteria.
    Grin Toothpaste contains natural anti-bacterial ingredients – propolis and manuka oil. According to our laboratory tests, those ingredients have the ability to inhibit the growth of
    S. mutans, an aerobic bacterium which may potentially result in tooth decay.
  • Why don’t Grin contain Fluoride in some of their toothpastes?
    We believe everyone should have access to a more natural toothpaste formula, no matter what their preference for fluoride is.
    We recognise that fluoride is a lifestyle choice, where customers have their own reasons as to why they choose to use (or not use) a fluoridated toothpaste. We respect this and believe customers should be able to have the choice to select a toothpaste that best represent their values and lifestyles.
  • Are Grin’s Fluoride Free toothpastes effective?
    Yes, our all-natural toothpastes contain active ingredients including Manuka oil, propolis, Hydroxyapatite, Magnolia Bark Extract and sea salt – all of which offer natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to keep bacteria in check.
    Fluoride works to mineralise tooth enamel, creating a surface that is more resistant to tooth decay—hence why traditional toothpastes rely heavily on the addition of fluoride for cavity protection. The downside to this is that that prolonged exposure to high levels of fluoride during childhood may cause Dental Fluorosis, which appears as white spots or streaks on the tooth’s surface
    Our Grin Strengthening toothpaste includes an active ingredient called ‘Hydroxyapatite’ - essentially a fluoride alternative. Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring mineral form of calcium apatite and is actually the main mineral that our dental enamel is made of, so this toothpaste is very effective at building tooth enamel and strengthening teeth.
  • What will I notice when I change from mainstream toothpaste to Grin?
    Most mainstream toothpastes rely on artificial sweeteners and flavours to create the overly sweet and minty taste that people have become accustomed to. Grin uses the natural sweetness of peppermint and fennel to provide a gentle flavour that doesn’t compromise on freshness. When you try it for the first time you might find it a bit different, however if you continue using Grin for a week you, your taste buds will adjust and fall in love with Grin!
  • I'm pregnant, is it harmful for me to ingest Grin toothpaste while brushing my teeth?
    Not at all! Grin toothpaste is completely safe for pregnant women to use as it is made from of natural and safe ingredients.
  • I have sensitive teeth; can I use Grin?
    We don’t currently offer a dedicated sensitive toothpaste; however, our Freshening and Strengthening toothpastes have been commended for reducing sensitivity due to the Manuka Oil in the Freshening and Hydroxyapatite in the Strengthening toothpaste. Many customers who used to only be able to use Sensodyne find our options a great solution and has reduced their overall sensitivity. If customers suffer from severe sensitivity, then we recommend that stick with their current toothpaste.
  • Is Grin suitable for people who suffer from a dry mouth?
    Together with its key ingredients, Grin natural toothpaste also contains the amino acid betaine. Studies suggest that the use of a detergent-free, betaine-containing toothpaste (such as Grin) may provide relief from the symptoms of dry mouth.
  • How does Grin whitening actually whiten your teeth?
    Our key ingredients; baking soda, food-grade calcium carbonate and organic sea salt all work together to whiten your teeth. Many toothpastes rely on a cheap chemical called Hydrogen Peroxide to bleach your teeth, where as our ingredients work to actually remove the stains and naturally polish your teeth.
  • Why does Grin not contain any SLS?
    SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is a common component of standard toothpastes. This chemical compound does not actually clean teeth—its sole purpose is to produce foam, which gives the impression of cleaning. SLS is commonly be found in other foaming products, such as car wash detergents, toilet cleaning detergents, and shower gels. For some people exposure to SLS causes canker sores and mouth ulcers.
  • Is Grin toothpaste gluten free?
    All Grin toothpastes are gluten free (as tested by an independent laboratory). Our products do contain 'Potassium Olivoyl Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein' however laboratory testing shows that gluten is undetected in all Grin toothpastes. Please email if you wish to obtain a copy of the testing certificate.
  • Does Grin toothpaste contain microbeads?
    Grin toothpastes do not contain microbeads.
  • Do Grin toothpastes contain any GMO ingredients?
    There are No GMO ingredients in Grin toothpastes.
  • Does Grin test on animals?
    Our products are not tested on animals. Our kids toothpastes are vegan friendly, whilst our Cool Mint and Whitening toothpastes are suitable for vegetarians as they contain Propolis. Propolis is a sticky substance that bees make from saliva, beeswax and tree sap to block up unwanted spaces in the hive. Our Propolis is gathered in a sustainable way without harm to bees.
  • Do Grin toothpastes contain Palm Oil?
    The answer is No. Palm Oil Plantations are currently the leading cause of rainforest destruction in Malaysia and Indonesia, with the equivalent of almost 300 rugby fields being destroyed every hour. Habitat loss is driving some of the world’s most endangered species to extinction. For this reason, Grin has always been Palm Oil Free. Recently, we have also received the Orangutan Alliance’s seal of approval: we are now Certified Palm Oil Free!
  • Why does Grin have a coloured stripe on the bottom of the toothpaste tube?
    Toothpastes have four different stripe colours. The coloured squares on the bottom of toothpaste tubes have nothing to do with the product’s content. They are instead an artifact of manufacturing process, and are known as colour marks, printed marks or eye marks. During the manufacture and packaging process these stripes allow high-speed machinery to recognise where the packaging needs to be folded or cut.
  • What's Grin flosser made of?
    The Grin flosser thread is made from a luxurious, resilient material that doesn’t tear or shred easily and is naturally flavored with mint oil. The corn-starch handle is biodegradable and has a handy pick on the end to help reach those “hard to reach” spaces between teeth.
    Premium floss thread which is resistant from tearing/threading (a common issue with silk and PLA floss).
    The natural mint flavor no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
    100% biodegradable handle
  • Should kids flossing?
    Flossing is important to remove plaque from between teeth where a toothbrush can't reach. Starting when your child has teeth that touch, floss the teeth until your child is old enough to do so himself. Then shouw your child how to use floss.
  • Why choose Grin Kids' Floss?
    Grin Kids' Floss, we make it easy to take great care of your little one’s teeth and gums whilst caring for the environment.
    The designed special handle for kids floss with a radian, it is safe for kids using.And also a cool colours to make flossing fun!
  • Is the package for floss ecofriendly?

    The Grin Floss is individually packed in eco-friendly paper for on-the-go ease.

  • What’s the benefit in using Grin toothbrushes?
    ALL our toothbrushes are eco-friendly. Our brush handles and toothbrush packaging are 100%biodegradable. This means they are able to break down in a good home / commercial compost within 12-24 months. Standard plastic toothbrushes take on average 300+ years to break down inland fill.
  • What’s the difference between bamboo and corn-starch?
    Preference. We developed our bamboo brush 3 years ago and is now extremely popular. However,some people don’t like the texture of the wood so that’s why developed a new eco-friendly alternative using corn-starch.Bamboo being a natural wood can also be susceptible to mould if left in water or damp areas. Our corn-starch toothbrushes are 100%mould proof.
  • I’ve had a bamboo brush before and all the bristles fell out?

    Can you recall if it was a Grin Bamboo brush? Since we launched ours, there are now many companies doing them. We always get positive feedback stating that our bristles hold well and don’t fall out in your mouth.

  • What are the bristles made of?
    PBT (polyethylene terephthalate), these are premium bristles that we use and are the most advanced in synthetic bristles. Majority of toothbrush bristles are made of Nylon and many claim they are recyclable however this is not the case.
  • Why are the bristles not biodegradable?

    To be biodegradable the material needs to come from either plants or animals. The only truly biodegradable bristles available are boar (pig) hair.

  • Are the brush handles home compostable?
    Both our bamboo and corn-starch handles are fully biodegradable. The bamboo will easily breakdown in a home compost or garden in approx. 12-18 months.
    Our corn-starch handles are able to break down at home, typically taking between 24-36 months,however these require a more consistent environment. This means there needs to be a good balance of temperature, moisture and oxygen present. We recommend our corn-starch toothbrushes be sent to commercial composts as this is the most effective method. There are currently only a handful of commercial composts across the country, as they’re still relevantly limited here in NZ, so customers are welcome to send them back to us through our recycling program where we send them off to a commercial plant.
  • How do I remove the bristles?

    Before putting your brush into the compost,you can remove the bristles by either using pliers, or snapping off the toothbrush head.

  • Do you do toothbrush heads for electric brushes?
    We are looking into doing eco-friendly heads for electric brushes, however the seare a lot trickier.How long do your toothbrushes last?Our brushes last as long as a standard brush. People often comment on how long their Grin brush has lasted them. Regardless, you should change your brush every 3-4 months as the bristles will begin to fray and become less effective.
  • Why do you infuse your brushes with Charcoal?

    We infuse our bristles with premium activated charcoal for two reasons: 1. Charcoal is a great anti-bacterial agent which helps to keep bacteria from building up on your bristles. 2. Charcoal is great at helping to remove stains off your teeth.

  • Are the Charcoal-infused brushes safe?
    Yes, they are 100% safe for all ages. The reason we don’t infuse our kids’tooth brushes with charcoal is because young kids often don’t like the dark bristles and are used to the clear ones.
  • Is it safe for kids to swallow Grin toothpaste?

    All our toothpastes are natural and are free from harmful ingredients. Our fluoride free kid's options 'Strawberry' and 'Orange' are safe if swallowed by your little brusher. Our with fluoride 'Berry-licious' option, kid's should avoid swallowing and spit out excess toothpaste after brushing.

  • Why choose Grin Kids’ Toothpaste?

    Full of real fruit flavours
    Free from nasties
    Safe if swallowed

  • Why choosing a ‘safe’ toothpaste so important for small children?

    As we get older we learn to spit all the toothpaste out after we have scrubbed our teeth. However small children do not know how to do this; therefore, it is important to choose a toothpaste that contains no nasty chemicals or harmful ingredients that can be absorbed into their bodies.

  • What’s inside the kids' toothpaste?

    Premium natural ingredients sustainably sourced from New Zealand and around the world.
    3 carefully selected organic active natural ingredients to help you maintain good oral health and keep your oral flora in check.
    Includes Organic Aloe Leaf Extract to sooth teething gums.
    Packed with real Strawberry flavour to leave your teeth naturally fresh and squeaky clean.

  • How to choose a Grin toothbrush for children of different ages?

    Natural Strawberry/ Orange Toothpaste Gels is suitable for 0-6 years old kids.
    Natural Berry-licious Toothpaste is suitable for 6-12 years old kids.

  • How to clean the baby's first teeth?

    The baby silicone finger toothbrush is a safe, hygienic healthy way to clean the baby's first teeth.
    We make it easy to take great care of your baby's teeth and gums whilst caring for the environment with the new Grin Baby Silicone Finger Brush 2 Pack!
    Thoughtfully designed for baby's first teeth, the double-sided finger brush offers a soft brush side to gently clean teeth, with a dimpled side on the back to massage sensitive gums. Made from food-grade silicone and safe to sterilize. Encased in 100% biodegradable packaging. Use with Grin Kids Natural Toothpaste. Suitable for up to 18 months of age, at which time children may be introduced to the Grin Kids Biodegradable Toothbrush.