Meet the play expert - Georgina Tenorio!

My name is Georgina and I’m the proud mother of a wonderful toddler. We live in the Seattle area but I’m originally from Peru and grew up all over South and Central America. I have a background in Educational Psychology and I currently hold a Masters in Science in Multidisciplinary Studies related to Education. Before moving to the States, I used taught First Grade and have experience in teaching English Language Learners. 

I began my blog and IG account @practicalplayideas to be my little learning lab just as I embarked in my new journey as a mother. I quickly realized I wanted to give my daughter more than what I already new about. I started doing my own research and fell in love with child-centered approaches such as Montessori, RIE, and positive parenting. Moreover as a teacher, as a mother, and as citizen of this evermore globalized world I saw the need to slow down and focus on what is truly important for me: raising a compassionate, curious, open-minded, strong and self-confident human being that will be able to stand up against the future and unprecedented unknowns with a kind heart and empathic mind. 

A child is already a complete person, their potential is limitless. As a parent, I see myself as a guide and model. My child will learn absolutely anything, that includes the “good”, but also the “bad”. This makes parenting the toughest job in the world, because once your child is born, you will always be on the spotlight. It’s my mission to try to do the best I can, and in that process maybe inspire others to do their best too.