Trendy Picks! Grin’s Plastic Free Flossers A Hit On US’s Today Show!

We are super excited to share that after just 3 months of launching in the USA, our much-loved Corn Starch Dental Flossers were recognized and featured on the Today Show – America’s no.1 morning show.

We’re thrilled to be able to offer customers a plastic alternative so that they can maintain a healthy oral routine without adding to the amounting plastic crisis.  
The handles of Grin flossers are made from sustainably grown, non-GMO corn starch and are biodegradable, taking as little as 90 days to break-down into chalk-like dust through commercial compost.

The floss thread itself is the only part which isn’t biodegradable and the reason for this is due to the fact that the only biodegradable materials currently available are either Polylactic acid (PLA) which can be harsh on the gums or silk – which Grin doesn’t support due to the process of boiling silkworms.  Instead, our floss thread is made from PTFE; a luxurious, resilient material that doesn’t tear or shred easily, and the adult floss threads are naturally flavored with mint oil.

grin natural biodegradable plastic-free dental floss today show
Traditional plastic flossers will live for eternity in a landfill and cause undue stress on our already fragile eco-system. We love Mother Nature too much to do that to her!

Here’s 3 ways our customers are giving life to their old Grin products:

  1. Reuse the flosser containers as stationary/ cutlery holders.

 grin natural biodegradable plastic-free dental floss
  1. Our bamboo brushes make for great seedling markers in the garden.

 grin natural biodegradable plastic-free dental floss today show
  1. The perfect tool for removing stubborn make-up off your combs.

grin natural biodegradable plastic-free dental floss today show

What’s your top re-use or upcycle tip? Share with us in the comments below!

Not only is Grin health-minded when it comes to your personal wellness, we’re equally as invested in preserving our natural environment – we only have one, after all!

Check out our fun, eco-friendly dental flossers and toothbrushes to HERE and boost your oral care game!