Product Review | Grin Natural Travel Kits - I was thrilled to give them a go!

grin natural on the go travel kit toothpaste

It's safe to say 2020 has been challenging year for everyone! No doubt, if travel allows, you'll be dreaming to getaway for a few days over the coming holidays to turn off and unwind with friends or family. If you're lucky enough to escape, then you may find our Grin On The Go travel kits the perfect companion when you're on the road, camping or staying over at a friend’s house, as they make it easy to take care of yourself and the environment, where ever you are!

We asked our friend, Sarah Walker, who's a regular travel writer to test out our Grin On The Go travel kit, and share her thoughts with us...

'Over the last year or so I’ve been trying to shop more sustainably. In 2020 I set a goal of buying no new clothes. It’s going quite well, thankfully op shops (charity shops) are a big thing in NZ and they’re great here. Although, it’s a lot harder now we’re in lockdown.

So, when Grin Natural got in touch to see if I’d like to try their all-natural toothpaste and sustainable bamboo toothbrush I was thrilled to give them a go.

grin natural on the go travel kit toothpaste with flouride biodegracable toothbrush

Grin Natural are NZ based and their products are palm oil-free, not tested on animals and made from natural ingredients. Not only that but they focus on sustainability and giving back. They currently run schemes with  UNICEF New Zealand, which saw them donate brushes to children in need. I’m really pleased to have found out about this great company that are doing great things.

So, on to the products themselves. I was gifted the Grin Charcoal-Infused Biodegradable Toothbrush in pink. It’s so pretty! That was my first thought when I opened the package. I’ve been using a compostable bamboo brush for a while now but it’s nice to have a cute colored one. The handle is made of corn starch and is biodegradable, so once I’m finished, I can send it to my local compost facility or back to Grin for free via their recycling program to get it commercially composted. The bristles are soft, which is key for me as I have sensitive gums. They’re also charcoal infused - I think we’ve all heard plenty by now about how charcoal is an amazing natural whitener and as someone who always buys whitening toothpaste having it right there in the bristles is a bonus.

grin natural on the go travel kit toothpaste with flouride biodegracable toothbrush

Included with the brush, are two travel-sized toothpastes. Included in mine were the Grin Natural Freshening Toothpastes. It contains Mānuka oil - which is well regarded for it's antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits and is sourced from Manuka leaves and flowers, a shrub native to New Zealand and is revered by the Māori for its health properties. I felt super fresh and clean after using it!

All these goodies came packaged up in a super cute pouch. I love the blush pink features and it’s roomy enough to fit my toiletries for overnight trips. It’s also biodegradable and waterproof. I’m a sucker for cute packaging!

I’m definitely trying to make my bathroom products more sustainable this year. There’s a lot of plastic packaging that I’m hoping to reduce or swap for recyclable options.

grin natural on the go travel kit toothpaste with flouride biodegracable toothbrush

Thankfully, Grin Natural focus on sustainability. Their ingredients and packaging are sustainably sourced and anything that can’t be composted or recycled at home can be sent back to them to recycle for you . In fact, they even accept non-Grin toothpaste tubes. If you send back 10 tubes, floss dispensers, or brushes they’ll even send you a $5.00 voucher in return!

I’m so pleased with these products. Not only are they sustainable, locally made and packed full of natural ingredients, but they look cute on the shelf too. I’ll definitely be ordering more and saving my empties for their recycling program.'

Grin Natural’s notes: Grin Recycling Program is available in New Zealand only at this stage. We are actively working on launching Grin Recycling Program in our major trading countries such as US, Australia and China. Stay tuned grinners!


About Sarah Walker: Sarah is a lifestyle and travel blogger, houseplant mother, colour lover and yet another Brit in New Zealand. She's happiest when surrounded by street art or wandering off the beaten track. When she isn’t living out of a backpack, she is passionate about travel talk (especially of the solo female variety), houseplant filled interior inspo and creative crafts. Find Sarah @sarah_walker2101 and