Meet Jack Dalton! How you can save the orangutans by choosing a palm oil free toothpaste!

Jack Dalton the kids conservationist supporting palm oil free grin natural toothpaste

Hi, my name is Jack, I am 10 years old and my goal is to get orangutans off the endangered species list.

I became passionate about this species after looking into a baby orangutan’s eyes at a zoo in the United States and learning about the effects of the large demand for palm oil, which is destroying the orangutan’s habitat. From that day on I decided I had to help orangutans by spreading awareness of these incredible creatures and what's happening to them. I know as a ten-year-old that is quite ambitious, and I thought so too, as I quickly found out palm oil is in over 50% of foods and cosmetics. But after getting on the top 20 finalist list for the first ever TIME Kid Of The Year as a result of my conservation work, I know that I am making a difference.

My main focus is education and spreading awareness, which is the first step to helping our environment. I educate kids and adults across the globe through presentations about orangutans and palm oil at schools, zoos, and museums. On my YouTube channel, Kid Conservationist, I make fun educational videos, and interview experts in conservation, sharing the incredible work so many people are doing in our world. I have been making changes in my life to help our planet ever since I first learned about the threats orangutans face and I hope others will make changes as well. The biggest thing I have learned over the past two years is that it is all of our jobs to help the critically endangered orangutans.

Jack Dalton saving the orangutans

There are a few simple ways we can help save the orangutans and save our planet:

  • Educate yourself about the issue, and then spread the word to friends and family. 
  • Write to companies that use palm oil in their products telling them about the effect palm oil has on orangutan’s habitat.
  • Support companies like Grin Natural who are there to help us drive down the demand for palm oil. They are certified palm oil free by Orangutan Alliance which makes it easy to know that they do not contain palm oil in their natural toothpastes. Together we can drive down the demand for palm oil, stop deforestation, and change the fate of the critically endangered orangutan.

We are very fortunate to have Jack supporting us on Grin's Palm Oil Free #organgutanchallenge initiative in 2020. This year, we're working together with Jack on a project that he initiated to promote sustainable dentistry!

Thank you Jack for your amazing and on-going effort in helping to save the orangutans! Head to Jack's Youtube channel, Kid Conservationist to learn more about how you can get involved and make a change!

We are very fortunate to have Jack supporting us on the Grin's Palm Oil Free  Initiative #organgutanchallenge in 2020. This year, we are working together with Jack on a project that he initiated to promote sustainable dentistry! Stay tuned:)