Grin Natural doing its part for local charities in the USA

It is a proud and memorable moment for our team at Grin Natural. Something that we all feel we can surely grin together about. Our company which prides itself on creating better oral care for healthy, happy families through our all-natural toothpaste and eco-friendly oral care range for both adults and kids, has now linked its name to a worthy and reputable charity, and officially entered a partnership with Baby2Baby, a Los Angeles-based, national non-profit organisation.

Baby2Baby is widely known for their commitment to families and children living in poverty, and supports these underprivileged children with clothing, diapers, and other essentials that every child so deserves. In fact, during the COVID-19 outbreak Baby2Baby successfully distributed over 60 million essential items more than one million children across the country that were affected by the pandemic. These items included things such as hand sanitizer, masks, formula, cribs, diapers, shampoo, soap, school suppliers, food and much more.

Grin Natural fully appreciates the struggles and challenges that local charities face on a daily and ongoing basis when it comes to supporting low-income families, and the ongoing pandemic puts further strain on NGOs such as Baby2Baby to deliver on their commitment and mission. Being a smaller brand ourselves, we are fully behind charities that can make a sustainable difference in the lives of our children and we remain in awe of Baby2Baby and their committed team. Jean Armstrong, COO of Baby2Baby was noted in saying,  

"We are so grateful to Grin Natural for their commitment to provide thousands of oral care products for children living in poverty who have been impacted by COVID-19. After months of lost income from the pandemic, the families in our program are struggling to provide the most essentials like toothbrushes and toothpaste to their children, and it is donations like this that allow families to reallocate their limited funds to other critical needs, food or even rent." 

Therefore, this partnership is particularly close to the hearts and minds of the Grin community especially as research studies indicate disparities in oral health and access to oral care. The studies further indicate that pre-schoolers from low-income families are twice as likely to have dental and oral hygiene issues, as they are unable to afford more frequent visits to a dentist versus children in higher-income households. This partnership has also taken shape just as we celebrate the National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM) in February, which promotes the benefits of good oral health and dental care hygiene habits among children. 

Tara our co-founder says:

“We believe that low-income families should not have to sacrifice their health because of their socio-economic status. Therefore, what better time to start this partnership than in February, which aligns with our mission to curve oral health literacy and to join Baby2Baby in their mission to provide families in need with oral care essentials”

Because Grin Natural is committed to delivering $50,000 worth of natural oral care products to Baby2Baby over the next 6 months we will now more than ever require the support of our global community to Share a Grin. Says Tara from Grin Natural, “Through the Share a Grin campaign, every purchase made on affords us the opportunity to give oral-care products to the families living in poverty that are supported through Baby2Baby.”

Helping kids in need

As a leading oral care brand, we remain single-minded in our endeavours to narrow the dental health inequities gap which arises out of this socio-economic status. Our Grin ambassadors are constantly looking at ways to bridge the gap in oral care literacy by engaging and educating local communities on oral hygiene awareness and health. Our partnership with UNICEF and other local charities within New Zealand are a clear testament of this, and the addition of this newly formed partnership with Baby2Baby is another step in the oral care journey. We look forward to you joining us on it. Now wouldn’t that be something to grin together about!