Top 5 Kids Oral Health and Dental Care Tips

We have produced this Kids Oral Care Series that bring all-you-need-to-know oral care knowledge and tips for parents to best look after your little ones’ teeth!

Particular thank you goes to ‘Ezra, Lennox and Kat’ family who joined us to bring the videos to live! Kat, who has been a big advocate for good oral hygiene since she was young, and has embedded these values into her family.

Hear what Kat has learnt from her dentist and own experiences that would help you look after your kids’ oral health! Have you been following the right oral care routine for your little ones? And what little change that you can make to help them love brushing? - Find your answers in this video! Watch this episode and make brushing time a FUN time for your kids!

🙌 Enjoy!

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