Sarah Therese & Grin Natural | Good Tips to Help Kids Get Excited About Brushing

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Last week we had the chance to join our friend, talented Youtuber and beautiful mother @sarahtheresev ‘s livestream! We received quite a few great questions from you, grinners (and yay! we really appreciate it!) during and also after the show. Here we go, we put together the answers for you :)

What is Grin's goal with their company overall? 

Our goal is simple… to create BETTER oral care for happy kids and happy families! We’re here help families’ not just to take great care of their mouths, but to work with them and together create a happier and healthier world.  

My kids do not like brushing time! Grin seems to know a lot about getting kids excited to brush teeth, they should make a manual or post on tips to help kids get excited about brushing. It would be so helpful as a parent!

Great suggestion! We believe brush time should be fun and engaging - not a chore, this is why we’re continually working with our community members to create and share useful tips and knowledge that will help. Take a look at our ‘123 Grin! on our website to see our brushing routine that so many of our community parents are using and love! 


sarah therese, grin natural, natural toothpaste, best toothpaste for kids, oral care, 123grin


What sets Grin apart from other natural toothpaste companies?

Developing products that are safe, effective and sustainable is our foundation, however people choose Grin as we help them to care for their bodies, their community and the planet we share. 

How do I know when I am done brushing?

There are several ways to tell whether you have done enough brushing…

  1. Time: a full 2 minutes is the recommended time to make sure you have cleaned all surfaces of your teeth. Setting a timer or playing a brushing video for your kids may help!
  2. Brush in a certain order so you won’t miss a tooth. Brush the outer surfaces, the inner surfaces, the chewing surfaces. 
  3. Run your tongue over all the surfaces after brushing. If all the teeth feel as smooth as glass, then congrats - you’ve done the job! If some areas feel rough, you need to brush them again.

If my teeth feel fine and don't hurt, does that mean they are healthy?

That’s not always the case. At the early stage of most oral diseases, you won’t feel any difference as you may not experience any symptoms. For example, when dental decay starts to develop in your mouth, you won’t feel any difference. When sensitivity or pain appears, the decay may have reached a moderate or severe level.

A routine dental checkup is strongly recommended to maintain good oral health, as it can help diagnose any issues they may be forming, and allow you to treat early on. 

sarah therese, grin natural, natural toothpaste, best toothpaste for kids, oral care


Does my diet affect my oral health?

Absolutely! What you put in your mouth can impact not only your general health but also your gums and teeth.

  • Diet can harm your oral health
    • Sugary snacks and beverages like lollies, cookies, muffins and chips will feed not only your belly, but the bacteria in your mouth and promote dental decay.
    • Acidic foods like tomatoes, citrus fruits can cause erosion and demineralization of tooth enamel which can lead to sensitivity and decay. Eat them as part of a meal, not by themselves. 
    • Dried fruits: sticky and easy to adhere to tooth surfaces, the acids they produce can harm teeth for a longer time. A piece of fresh fruit is healthier.
  • How your diet can benefit your oral health
    • Foods that are rich in calcium and nutrients such as cheese, milk, plain yogurt, leafy greens and almonds can help protect and strengthen tooth enamel.
    • Fresh fruits and veggies help clean your teeth and help stimulate your saliva
    • Foods rich in vitamin C are great for healthy gums and healing of inflammation. 
    • Foods rich in vitamin A have nutrients that help in building tooth enamel.