Kids Oral Hygiene: Dental Hygienist Abby Explains How To Brush And Floss For Kids

Hi Grinners!

We have received so many DMs 💬 from you asking questions about how to brush and floss for your kids❓❓

Here you go!

Our friend, Dental Hygienist Abby Hudspeth from the Smile Design Centre in Maryland has done a brushing and flossing demonstration for you.

You can now get your kids teeth brushed and flossed properly with confidence! Watch this video and also find out the tips that Abby shared with you, e.g. what is the most important part about brushing for/with your little ones?

A big thank you goes to Abby Hudspeth for her contribution of time and expertise!

Abby always believes that it’s so important to start good oral hygiene habits as early on as possible, it sets kids up for a lifetime of healthy teeth!

Happy teeth=happy kids ❤️

Can't wait to hear you sharing your experience📧

Happy Brushing and Happy Flossing little grinners 👧👦👶

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