How to Teach Your Child About Self-care?

When we think of self-care, we think of self-care for ourselves. We'll have a spa day, go to a yoga class, take a leisurely walk, or meet up for tea with a good friend. Did you know that we can teach our children self-care as well? 

Studies have shown that there are some very impactful benefits of self-care for children. Children are busy with school and activities, but we can teach them to slow down, enjoy the moment, and take pride in taking care of themselves. We can teach them to practice self-care for themselves, improving their views towards themselves and their overall well-being. Acts of self-care are important. Taking care of one-self can reduce stress and negative thoughts and improve relationships. We can serve our children their favorite cookie with a big glass of ice-cold milk, let them pick a tv show that the whole family can enjoy, or have a parent-child date, so we will show that we know them and appreciate them. 

Here at Grin, we love that taking care of your teeth is part of self-care. Oral care is a small act of self-care, but it can impact one's self-esteem and overall health in a meaningful way. We want your children to take pride in taking care of their teeth so they can eat all the delicious foods around holiday time and smile so big for the many holiday photos. We want them to be proud of their smile and not be hindered by any tooth discomfort. 

The good news is you can help change your child's mindset into enjoying the daily process. Here are some tips from our Grin dental expert team to help create meaningful quality time for busy families!

Educate your child on why brushing is important

Just like how they take baths to clean their hair and body, they need to appreciate their teeth and brush daily to clean them. Grin's "I Love Brushing My Teeth" book is a fun and interactive way to educate your child on brushing. 

Grin Natural I love brushing my teeth book

Encourage your child to be part of the brushing process

They can choose whether they'd like to brush first or after a parent brushes, and they can assist in applying toothpaste onto the toothbrush. Or, let them choose whether they want a red or orange flosser. This helps them feel independent and confident. 

Involve your child in setting the mood for the bathroom 

They can pick a song that will play during brushing time or pick some fun stickers to put on as bathroom decor. 

Set your child up for success

Place a step stool so your child can see themselves in the mirror. If they can floss only one or two teeth, let them floss those teeth and finish the rest. 

Oral care is self care set up a self care station with Grin Natural Kids Oral Care Range

(Setting up a self-care station for your little ones is another great idea to help them to build a happy self-care routine - Veronica @hikingwithharps

Let your child make a mighty and important decision, such as choosing their own toothbrushes and toothpaste

From my experience, a toothpaste that has yummy flavor is more likely to get children into brushing with no fuss! Grin Natural Kids Strawberry Toothpaste is loved by every kid who tried them for its natural strawberry flavor. For parents, it is also peace of mind, as it is 100% safe if your littles swallowed it, which makes Grin's kids toothpaste the ideal choice for young brushers!

Introduce a Rewards Chart, like Grin's Brushing Challenge Chart.

Grin Natural Kids Brushing Reward Chart

It will help them track the days they brush their teeth and feel proud of a reached accomplishment or goal. 

We hope you found these tips helpful. Children and adults alike need self-care, and it can improve their view towards themselves and overall well-being. Acts of self-care may be big or small, but the most impactful ones are the ones that can be done regularly. We believe that small actions like oral care can benefit our health in the long term! 


About the Author 

Brought to you by Grin Oral Care Expert, Dr. Erica Tam. Aside from being a phenomenal Dentist, Erica is a mom to an energetic and extremely curious toddler. She created @mama.molar.dmd because she wants to educate moms and dads about oral health for their little ones. Erica loves products that are good for your children's growing bodies as well as the environment that they will be living in for the future to come.