How to Help Kids Create a Good Oral Care Routine? Try Using the 123Grin!

With summer winding down and school starting up, it is the perfect time to update schedules and implement routines. It is common for kids to get off their daily oral care habits in the summer months when bed and wake times are not as consistent. Being a dental hygienist does not give me immunity from dealing with fussy children who do not want to brush and floss when it is time to do so. Establishing a morning and nightly routine for brushing and flossing with your children at an early age is important for long-term oral health. Making brushing fun and offering products they like helps keep the fussiness away.

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For my daughter Emery, taking care of her teeth is not too big of a chore. She is the oldest and a natural born leader who actually enjoys taking care of her teeth. My three-year-old Jude on the other hand, is a bit of a limit pusher. For him it is important that we make the brushing and flossing experience fun and tasty.

We may turn on some music and dance our sillies out before brushing, pretend we are scientist searching for sugar bugs, or we have a competition to see who can create the most toothpaste bubbles in their mouth.

Children are finicky creatures, so choosing the right products for brushing and flossing is key. If your children do not like their toothpaste, they are not going to want to brush no matter how fun you make the experience. As a mom and dental hygienist, I am always looking out for products that offer natural ingredients that keep my kid’s teeth and gums healthy. Use of a fluoride containing toothpaste is also a must for cavity prevention.

I was excited when I learned about Grin Natural , and their new line of eco-friendly dental products for kids.  They sent us their Grin Kids Complete Oral Care Pack to try. This kit comes complete with two plastic free toothbrushes and biodegradable kids flossers along with their three delicious 100% natural toothpaste and gels.

Jude is very much like his mom when it comes to getting a new toothbrush, and had to try it out right away. He tried the Grin Natural strawberry kids toothpaste, which he exclaimed smelled and taste terrific.

Flossing is important as soon as any teeth surfaces are next to each other. Bacterial plaque can settle between the teeth and lead to bad breath and cavities. Emery is six-years-old and has already lost six of her primary teeth. With her first molars beginning to erupt, she has a lot more teeth surfaces touching. Emery was excited about the kid’s dental flossers that she could independently use with no problems. These flossers are created with a cornstarch handle making them biodegradable just as the toothbrush handles are.

The Grin Kids Oral Care Pack also comes with a brushing challenge chart and stickers to track morning and evening brushing. Jude and Emery have both started asking to brush their teeth with their new “yummy” Grin Naturals strawberry toothpaste, before being told to do so just to earn their stickers for the day. Rewarding good oral habits with stickers is an easy way to make the brushing an enjoyable experience and reinforces positive behaviors.

Teaching your children the value of taking care of their oral health as part of their daily routine can feel like a battle. You can avoid so much of the struggle that is sometimes associated with the just by making the experience fun and offering products that your kids actually like. Raising little humans can be overwhelming, taking care of their teeth doesn’t have to be. Grin Natural’s fun brushing challenge chart, combined with the tasty natural flavors of their strawberry toothpaste and eco-friendly flossers, make brushing and flossing a breeze. 

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