Five books to make brushing teeth a fun activity for your child!

As much as we as parents would love for our little ones to practice great oral hygiene, let’s face it mums, there are those days where brushing one’s teeth can seem like a quite a chore even for children. Especially if your little one has had a rough night, feeling cranky or is out of sorts in general. And then we ask them to do it twice a day…oh my gosh, the shock and horror of it 😊.  Yes, it may only take two minutes, but in the world of a child it can feel like a lifetime. I know that is certainly the case for my little boy Milo. I sometimes have to hear “but mummy I’m so tired”, and that’s just when he’s woken up from an 8-hour sleep! Well just like everything in life, introducing a bit of fun into your child’s oral care routine is a definite must and this mum is a huge advocate of fun and a bigger advocate of reading (yes call me a nerd, but I love books). A child that gets excited about brushing and reading…now that’s something to grin together about!

If you prepare your little one for future dentist visits, reading to your little one about why and how they need to take of their teeth, and future dentists visits will help prepare them more mentally and emotionally. Studies have also shown that reading aloud to our children every day from as young as birth, will help strengthen the child parental bonds, help them through their language journey and enhance their literacy skills.

I have listed these books based on age for easy reference and you are most likely able to find them either at your local library or on-line.


  1. Ages 0-2: Brush brush brush by Alicia Padron is sure to get your little one excited. This book is an excellent choice as it uses rhymes to reinforce the message of healthy teeth. The pictures and illustrations are visually attractive and will keep your little one enthralled. Perfect to start preparing them early on for those dentist visits.

My favorite brushing book Brush Brush Brush


  1. Ages 2-4: Brush Your Teeth Please by Jean Pidgeon is a great transition book once your little one gets comfortable with the concept of images on a page. It’s also a pop-up book so its sure to spark their interest as they try to imitate the actions of the characters.

 my favorite brushing teeth book brush your teeth please


  1. Ages 4- 6: Superbug Doug: All About Cavities, Plaque and Teeth by Ben Magleby is awesome in that teaches your little one all about dental health and what can cause dental diseases, but in a way that is engaging and interesting, with none of the scary stuff. Best of all it is written by a dentist so it is a great book to prepare your little for their forthcoming visits and address any fears they may have in advance.

  Superbug Doug: All About Cavities, Plaque and Teeth


  1. Ages 6 months – 6 years: Grin Kids Brushing Pop Up Book by Grinnatural is without a doubt one of our most favourite books. I love the fact that even as young as 6 months old your little one can engage with this book and its fun characters up to at least 6 years old. It is great value for money and truly stands the test of time as your child transitions from getting their first tooth to when they have a mouth full of pearly whites. Milo actually learnt why and how to use dental floss by practicing on the characters in this book, so without a doubt he is a fan.

 Grin Natural Pop Up Book

  1. Ages 6-10: The Tooth Book: A Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums by Edward Miller is great in that speaks to all aspects of the oral care journey and provides easy to understand dental advice. From dentist visits, losing a tooth and how you should take the best care of your teeth, this book covers a range of topics that your slightly older kid will find interesting and engaging.

 The Tooth Book: A Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums

And there you have it! My top five picks for an exciting toothbrushing experience. Hopefully you and your little one will find these just as educational and fun as Milo and I did, and better prepare your family for your oral care journey. Now that’s something to grin together about right!

About the author

This blog was written by Grin’s passionate brand advocate and career mom Jess Mason. Jess is hugely interested in health, fitness, and living an organic and preservative free lifestyle. She loves sharing stories of her family and her son Milo. She can be found on her Instagram page @jessmason911 where she posts updates on her family life, Grin experiences, travels and settling into New Zealand as her new home. We are super excited that Jess will be also sharing her own mom experiences, learnings, and knowledge with our Grin community. It’s going to be fun!