Are Dental X-rays Safe For Kids?

Your little ones may be asked to have an X-ray done during his/her dental visit. For kids, it could be a fascinating experience with 100 WHYs. For you, it may come with some concerns and questions. Here we go, let’s talk about it!

are dental x rays safe children oral health grin natural

Why should X-rays be taken? 

X-rays are special pictures that help us see inside your teeth and jaw bone. They help dental professionals with lots of things, like finding cavities and monitoring tooth eruption!

are dental x rays safe children oral health grin natural

What is it like to have dental X-rays done?

It is a simple experience! You wear a blanket, bite down on a special ring, and hold as still as a statue! Then, your provider will point a big camera at your teeth to take the picture!

are dental x rays safe children oral health grin natural


Would dental X-rays need to be taken routinely?

How often you get X-rays varies depending on your personal risk factors, and the judgment of your provider. 

How safe are dental X-rays? 

Dental X-rays do produce a small amount of radiation, and some parents have concerns about whether they are safe for their kids. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry reassures parents that the amount of radiation that's received during a dental X-ray is extremely small. The amount of radiation that you get from a single dental x-ray is less than the amount you get from one day of usual background radiation. Your body, mind, and mouth are connected, and X-rays are often needed to properly treat oral diseases. That means that in most cases, the small amount of radiation is well worth the health benefits. Always consult with your dental provider to determine a treatment plan that is right for YOU!

are dental x rays safe children oral health grin natural

In some cases, practicing good oral hygiene at home can help minimize the need for dental X-rays. Remember to brush twice a day with a toothpaste like Grin Natural Kids Natural Toothpaste with Fluoride and floss once a day with kids friendly flossers like Grin Kids Biodegradable Dental Flossers. A proper oral care routine can help your child have a lifelong healthy grin! 

If you still have questions and concerns about X-rays for your kids, raise them to your child’s dentist for advice. If you want to hear from us on other oral care topics, leave a comment below or DM us @grinnatural :)

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